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Carnival, Biennale, but not only: all the events you cannot miss!

Venice is a city full of events and dates: the famous Carnival and the Biennale are perhaps the most famous examples, but how to forget the Redentore Festival or for sports lovers the annual Venice Marathon!


La Sensa (Ascension Day) – May-June

La Sensa festival celebrates the eternal union between the city and the sea. Traditionally, the Doge (today represented by the city Mayor) on the Bucintoro (a replica of the opulent double decker vessel) received the Bishop’s blessing and sealed his marriage to the sea by throwing a gold ring into the lagoon.

Vogalonga- May/June

It’s a non-competitive rowing race open to boats of all shapes and sizes, which takes place every year on a Sunday in May or June. At least for a few hours the powerboats step aside to make room for rowing boats, covering the stretch of water from Bacino di San Marco to the Punta della Dogana through the channels and the picturesque islands.



Venice Biennale – June/September

An International contemporary art exhibition first held in 1895, it offers a fantastic opportunity to enjoy Art, Cinema, Theater and Dance masterpieces.

Redentore – July

It’s a festival held on the first Sunday of July to celebrate the end of the plague, when a fabulous firework display explodes across the sky illuminating the lagoon, visible from Riva degli Schiavoni, St. Mark’s Square or from one of the many boats adorned with festive lights that brighten the Canal. A votive pontoon bridge is also built across the Grand Canal, connecting the Zattere with the island of Giudecca, where the Church of the Redentore is located.


Venice International Film Festival – September

The Venice International Film Festival is the oldest international film festival in the world and it is held in the majestic Palazzo del Cinema on the island of the Lido. It is part of the Venice Biennale and takes place every year at the end of August. Founded by Giuseppe Volpi in 1932, the festival awards best film, best actor and best actress in the competition.

Regata storica – September

The Regata Storica takes place along the Grand Canal and consists in a parade of boats operated by gondoliers in traditional period costumes. It takes place every year in September and offers a unique opportunity to get an up-close view of the famous “voga alla veneta”, a traditional Venetian sport that sees the city’s gondoliers and other expert rowers come face to face on a trial of strength and skills.

Venice Marathon – October

The Venice Marathon is without a doubt the most important sport event in the city. It’s a 42 km marathon road race that starts in Stra, near Padua, follows along the Brenta Riviera and ends in Venice on the Riva dei Sette Martiri.

Madonna della Salute – November

It’s a celebration held on November 21st to commemorate the end of the plague that in 1630-31 hit the city of Venice and part of northern Italy. A temporary wooden bridge is erected on this occasion to facilitate the passage of the devotees to the Chiesa della Salute.


Venice Carnival – February

Carnival is the celebration of transgression and freedom, when disguising is mandatory and the city becomes a whimsical fantasyland, a world of beautiful, unique, scary masks; a fun filled festival with concerts, shows and parades in St. Mark’s Square and along the alleyways of Venice.
The Carnival of Venice was first recorded in second half of the 13th Century, and ever since it has come to represent a celebration of freedom from the roles imposed by society, restraint inhibitions and social influence.

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