Things to do in Venice

Venice is a city of countless façades, caught up in myth and reality, history and legend. But all fixed around one historic date – 25 March 421 CE – when the city was founded.

For over 1,600 years, this magical, lagoon city has fascinated tourists from all over the world, leading whole generations of visitors to fall in love with it year after year. Discovering Venice and its islands needs time, and at voco® Venice Mestre, we understand that. So we have put together a handy guide of the best and most beautiful sites in the city.

Spend a few days exploring its alleys, discovering its partially hidden courtyards and getting to know its stunning canals and views. You’ll be delighted by its suspended bridges, where gondolas silently pass through like sea creatures.

Whether you stay in Venice for a few days, or plan to visit for longer, all of us at voco® Venice Mestre want to give you a handy tip – you can make your own city card at this site to give you access to all the key sites in the city for free. We suggest you also add in a Venice daily pass so you can use public transport as much as you want.