Corporate Social Responsability

Just like the voco® brand, we work to protect our planet and region every day at voco® Venice Mestre – The Quid. 

Our hotel has only selected eco-friendly materials for the hotel interiors, ensuring sustainability is the cornerstone of our hotel. With our aim of being completely plastic-free, we have reduced our use of plastic to a minimum, opting for easily recyclable materials like glass and paper to replace single-use plastics.
Our commitment is reflected even in our courtesy kits, entirely redesigned to avoid wasteful packaging and replaced by handy dispensers. These solutions are used throughout the hotel and not just in the guest rooms. 

We are also pleased to share that our pillows and duvets have been made from recycled PET bottles and guests can choose completely eco-friendly daily clean. We strive on a daily basis to reduce our water and energy usage by signing up to the IHG Green Engage programme. 

You’ll not only find environmental sustainability at voco® Venice Mestre – The Quid, but also our passion for our region. Our partner Pasticceria Giotto provides desserts for our buffet, created in collaboration with the Due Palazzi prison in Padua. This partnership trains qualified professionals in prisons, helping them learn the art of patisserie creation.